Driving Range

Experience our Driving Range

Welcome to Brockville’s favourite driving range – a golfer’s paradise at Sunnidell Golf Club. No more squinting in the sun – our thoughtfully positioned range means you can focus on your swing instead of the glare. Our spacious range is perfect for beginners looking to learn the basics or seasoned players aiming to perfect their game. After a satisfying practice, unwind and relax on our lovely patio. Positioned between the range and the clubhouse, it’s the ideal spot to take in the view, catch up with friends or just enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. With us, it’s not just about golf, it’s about the experience. So take your best shot, and enjoy a day well spent at Sunnidell!

Covered Stalls

Practice rain or shine in a comfortable environment

Real Balls

Authentic ball flight & Accurate distance estimation

Grass Tees & Matts

Realistic ball divot interaction & Natural turf experience

Full Lighting

Extend your practice hours, day or night.