Sunnidell Golf is thrilled to be the first to introduce FootGolf to Eastern Ontario. Invented in 2009 the sport is growing by leaps and bounds. A combination of soccer and golf, this rapidly emerging game is played in more than 24 countries worldwide.

A proud member of the Canadian FootGolf Association, Sunnidell joins the ranks of 37 courses across Canada who are leading the way in this new and exciting sport. At last count more than 500 courses exist in the United States and numbers grow daily.

Played with nothing more than a regulation #5 soccer ball the rules for the game closely correspond to those of golf. The pace of play is also very similar to our Par 3 rounds and both FootGolf and golf co-exist on the course. A challenging course layout of 18 flagged holes are set apart from our regular greens and sport the regulation 21-inch cups that while enormous in golf terms will no doubt test the abilities of our footgolfers.

Combining these two very popular sports allows people of all ages and athletic ability to hone their skills, test their abilities and most importantly enjoy the opportunity of being outdoors, physically active and having fun with family and friends.