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A Little Something For Everyone

Sunnidell established 1992, has something for everyone including a challenging 18 hole short course. Clearly, Earl MacDougall was ahead of his time. When he opened Sunnidell Golf in 1992 it amounted to a stab at the golf market but when you take a look at it with hindsight it really seems like he was dead on the mark with his vision.“I felt there was a void that needed to be filled,” MacDougall told Flagstick on the 10th anniversary of Sunnidell Golf in 2002. “I thought a par three course would be the answer. It would allow people to play golf affordably and enjoy the game even if they were not an avid player,” he added.

With so much talk nowadays about slow play and the high cost of golf, there does not seem to be a more ideal solution than facilities like Sunnidell. But this is not just a golf course for kids, seniors, and those that are new to the game. Better players will also find that there is plenty to test them on this compact layout. It is no given that low handicap players will tear the place apart with a barrage of birdies. In fact, they might be surprised at how resistant the course can be for them.

The hole lengths range from 87 yards all the way to 222 yards (the par 4) with a three-shot hole averaging out at 135 yards in length. That seems simple enough until you begin to understand the targets you are aiming. The emphasis becomes having a great chipping and pitching game that will allow you to get the ball close to convert any possible pars. You realize quickly that if you can score well at Sunnidell you must have some decent ability. It takes until the 11th hole to return to the clubhouse, often a great time to pause to make use of its services.

Inside the licensed clubhouse, you’ll find a well-kept, casual atmosphere with a simple but delicious menu and a setting that is replete with plenty of golf artifacts. In the winter time, the outdoor patio area is converted into two golf simulators that see a lot of action while the snow flies. In addition to the golf course, Sunnidell also has a fully lighted driving range and a top-level mini-putt course.

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours 7 am until 8 pm daily – Tee times are required and can be booked through the clubhouse or online
Winter Hours For Virtual Golf Opens at 8 pm – 6 pm daily. We are always happy to extend our hours when tee times are booked in advance with a minimum of 4 golfers.
Closures Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Margarida & Dan Clayton
Sunnidell Golf
1945 Sharpes Lane
Brockville, ON, K6V 5T1
Tel: +1 (613) 498-0775